Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Quilting: I'm doin' it

I couldn't ignore the itch any longer, I had to just do it! I've got three quilts in the making! Two plaid quilts, one for my boyfriend and one for my best friend Scott. Then one for myself! Mine is on the cover of this book I bought:

Jitterbug Quilt

I am using 30s reprint fabrics (which I am soooo obsessed with, they're all just simply gorgeous) for the quilt, specifically a jelly roll of the Breakfast at Tiffany's collection, which happens to be my favorite movie! I also will be using some of the 30s reprint fabric already in my fabric stash for the back and borders.

For the plaid quilts, I took Roy to the fabric shop over the weekend to pick out his plaid fabrics while everything was on sale. And for Scott's quilt he gave me some old cotton plaid shirts that he doesn't wear anymore to be repurposed into pieces for his quilt.

Hopefully my newfound love of the quilting craft won't make me neglect my knitting too much. Over the weekend I finished my mittens for the fall, they're based on the mittens in a Mad Men episode and I adore them!

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