Thursday, July 29, 2010

Itching to do

What inspired me to first knit was the fact that my great grandmother was an excellent knitter who made all of the clothes for my Mommom (grandmother) and her brothers and sisters. My great grandmother died when I was a baby, and so she never did get the chance to teach me. Three years ago I interestedly picked up a pair of needles and attempted to learn, which was a horrible failure. A year later I picked up the dusty needles again and discovered I have quite a knack for it. Now I adore getting lost in my patterns and churn out more and more gifts each year for family and friends. Mostly I adore hats, berets in particular. But lately I keep seeing all of these wonderful quilts popping up in woodsy, outdoor weddings, and all over my favorite sites to shop at.

I find more and more that I'm itching to make a quilt. I find them so personal, and they all tell a story. I already knit and crochet, as well as spin my own yarn. My sewing isn't so great, but I think quilting may be the little nudge I need to punch up my skills. A quilt isn't just a blanket. It's a great backdrop for photography photo booths, and they make wonderful picnic blankets (what I really need for my anniversary picnic with my boyfriend this weekend), and so much more.


I love kitschy. And I'm not afraid to admit it. Pretty much all things vintage, unique, and artistic that have a widespread appeal have become kitschy to the modern world. And I love vintage things, so therefore I love kitschy stuff. Anthropologie, ModCloth, Urban Outfitters - bring 'em on! I can't wait until I can decorate with adorable little things like these:

All images from Anthropologie.

Friday, July 23, 2010

DIY: Cute Clutch Tutorial

I am absolutely DYING to try out this adorable gathered clutch tutorial by Anna from Noodle Heads blog! I stumbled upon it when blog surfing the other day and it has me itching to go through my little collection of fabric and pull out my sewing machine. First things first, I need a sewing refresher course haha! Click on the image above or the link to check out the tutorial for yourself.

The darling little purses would make a great accessory for yourself, or as a gift to someone special!

Image by Anna at the Noodle Heads blog

Photography: Pacific Potato

I took this picture last summer. We flew out to Seattle for one night before driving (by bus for 4 hours) to Vancouver to sail away on our whirlwind cruise of Alaska. I spend most of the bus ride knitting a little sweater I had been working on for myself, but every now and again I would look at the scenery and snap a few quick shots. I fell in love with this building and quickly snapped the picture as we flew by it and today I opened it up in photoshop because I thought it would look nice with some vintage coloring effects. And I slapped a lens flare on there for shits and giggles.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Design: 50th Birthday Invitation

This is the invite I've created for my stepdad's 50th birthday. It's a bit of an eclectic theme with hints of western and vintage details.The invite can be printed in color, or in the monochromatic greyscale I've designed it in. It is fitting for anyone, turning any age.

Photography: Winter 2010

Here is a photo collage of some of the pictures I took this winter. Everything is found around my house - two man-made lakes on an old farm property and an old 1950s Ford that is behind my property.


Welcome to my little corner of The Internet! My name is Mary and I'm a country-lovin' gal from Southern New Jersey. I have always enjoyed crafts, from my very young days of finger painting, and continue to enjoy letting my creative juices flow through sewing, knitting, paper making, photography, and graphic design.

I'm currently attending the University of Phoenix for web and graphic design and hope to go into event planning, mainly focusing on wedding design and styling. (Yes, I'm one of those girls that loves to look at wedding blogs.)

In this blog I intend on posting my own design and photography work for your viewing pleasure, as well as a place for me to link to all of my favorite things on the internet like DIY crafts and phenomenal photography shoots.


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