Welcome to my little corner of The Internet! My name is Mary and I'm a country-lovin' gal from Southern New Jersey. I have always enjoyed crafts, from my very young days of finger painting, and continue to enjoy letting my creative juices flow through photography, sewing, knitting, paper making, and graphic design.

I'm currently attending the University of Phoenix for web and graphic design and am starting my own photography and graphic design company. I love to design details for weddings, as well as business cards, branding, and web site design. I also have a drive for taking portraits, I love to tell people's stories through photographing them.

In this blog I intend on posting my own design and photography work for your viewing pleasure, as well as a place for me to link to all of my favorite things on the internet like DIY crafts and phenomenal photography shoots. I'm hoping this can serve as a way to better get my name out there, as well as a place to keep myself organized. I am available for custom design orders as well as for very affordable portrait sessions, just shoot me an email at!


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