Thursday, July 29, 2010

Itching to do

What inspired me to first knit was the fact that my great grandmother was an excellent knitter who made all of the clothes for my Mommom (grandmother) and her brothers and sisters. My great grandmother died when I was a baby, and so she never did get the chance to teach me. Three years ago I interestedly picked up a pair of needles and attempted to learn, which was a horrible failure. A year later I picked up the dusty needles again and discovered I have quite a knack for it. Now I adore getting lost in my patterns and churn out more and more gifts each year for family and friends. Mostly I adore hats, berets in particular. But lately I keep seeing all of these wonderful quilts popping up in woodsy, outdoor weddings, and all over my favorite sites to shop at.

I find more and more that I'm itching to make a quilt. I find them so personal, and they all tell a story. I already knit and crochet, as well as spin my own yarn. My sewing isn't so great, but I think quilting may be the little nudge I need to punch up my skills. A quilt isn't just a blanket. It's a great backdrop for photography photo booths, and they make wonderful picnic blankets (what I really need for my anniversary picnic with my boyfriend this weekend), and so much more.

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