Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from the Ginger Tea blog! There was so much I wanted to share with you this month - DIY decorations, handmade cards, and knitting! Unfortunately time got the best of me and I had to sacrifice some blog time in order to get everything done for the holidays! I will share everything with you when I return to blog land in the New Year!

I hope all of your holidays are merry and bright!



  1. You have such amazing pictures! They're so creative! xox

  2. Hi Mary,

    Not sure if you remember me ....I married to John Ritchey....YOur mom and john have told me about you knitting and making your own angora yarn....I just started knitting and am loving it...I was trying to find you on ravelry .....if you on i would love to be on your friend list. I believe my name on there is Racioppi3........Love all of your pictures on your blog.....they are really cool!



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