Friday, December 3, 2010

DIY: Holiday Gift Wrapping

Mary Veterano Photography

Do you go out every year and spend money on wrapping paper, bows, and ribbon that is over priced and runs out too quickly? I used to, too. But why should we feed into consumerism when we're crafty?

It's quite easy (and quick!) to make your presents look merry and bright this year without breaking your wallet! I picked up some tulle, lace and ribbons by the spool in the dollar section of the craft store. I used a roll of kraft paper to wrap my packages and added little notions to them to spice them up.

Mary Veterano Photography

I only added lace, twine, and ribbons to mine (with the printed gift tags found in the freebies section. If you have stamps you can easily use them to create patterns. I also considered doing felt shapes to add to my packages. Another easy embellishment (with no knitting skills required) is a yarn pom.

Simply cut out two circles with the centers cut out, wrap your yarn around the template, then stick your scissors between the templates and cut around. Before you remove your yarn from the template tie another piece of yarn around the pieces and make a tight knot. Trim the edges of the pom and roll it around in your hand to fluff it up. Monday I'll be back with a post about my yarn garland!

Here's a good video tutorial for yarn poms. And here's a free pdf template I've created for your yarn poms.

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