Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Etsy Picks: Deer

Silver Deer Ring
{ via Sea of Bee }

This weeks Etsy picks are inspired by the herd of deer that live by my house. This gorgeous ring is definitely a statement piece that would serve as a conversation starter. This gorgeous ring has great detail and craftsmanship, as well. Absolutely stunning piece.

Deer Vinyl Wall Decal
{ via Kinky Wall }

One of the newly popular ways to decorate your home without hurting your walls is vinyl decals. These work great in all kinds of rooms, and decal designs range from simple to gorgeously intricate. These are a great idea for college dorms or apartment buildings where you have strict decorating rules.

Kanteleen Kutsu
{ via Hannah's Boutique }

This tote packs a lot of punch with its black and white design, especially with the regal deer. This would be a great bag for the summer to carry your books, phone, towel, and sunblock to the pool or beach.

Have a great weekend!

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