Thursday, November 4, 2010

DIY: Decorative Snow

{ via Pottery Barn }

Last year my mom purchased the fake snow from Pottery Barn. It ran her about $20 a bag. When we opened the snow to use around the house we figured out that it was just cut up white plastic. Thus we vowed never to spend that much on fake snow again and opted to make our own this year. It's very simple to do and it looks great. Pottery Barn has several suggestions for how to use it.

  • White plastic bags or Wax Paper
  • Scissors

  • Mary Veterano Photography


    Step 1: Cut out any logos or non-white parts of your bags or wax paper. My bags were from Petsmart so I needed to cut that logo off.

    Step 2: Twist your bag to make cutting easier, then cut at random spots on your twisted bag. You want to make your cuts as small as you can, going back later and re-cutting your finished pieces smaller if you feel it's necessary.

    That's it! Now go and decorate something with it! They look great in hurricane vases or on tabletops!

    Mary Veterano Photography

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