Wednesday, November 10, 2010

DIY: Button + Fabric Table Numbers

Mary Veterano Photography

Here's a very simple, fun project for table numbers for a party. If you're going for something kitschy or vintage these are great because you can use buttons, brooches, and pendants from antique stores and flea markets.

  • Scrap Fabric, large enough to fit into a picture frame
  • Sewing needle and thread
  • Buttons, Brooches, Pendants
  • Picture frame

    Mary Veterano Photography


    Step 1: Trace your number onto your fabric with sewing chalk or a pencil.

    Step 2: Lay out your buttons, brooches, findings, and pendants on your number. Take a picture of your finished layout for reference.

    Step 3: Sew your pieces to the fabric in the pattern that you laid out. I used an embroidery hoop to help me.

    Step 4: Cut your fabric to fit your picture frame (if necessary) and place it in the picture frame. Trim any overhang after putting the backing on the frame. Voila!

    Mary Veterano Photography
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